Organ Donation : An Ethical And Effective Way Of Ethnic

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Medical propagandas are accustomed to coat the organ transplant and donation with the sense of ethnic. As time goes by, organ donation has become a volunteered action in some degree, and the lack of organs for transplanting reflects people’s unwillingness to donate without any incentive. Consequently, human have to admit that the altruism is just a romantic beautification of humanity. In my opinion, paid organ donation is an ethical and effective way to increase organ supply.
Nowadays, many countries take steps to expand regular supply of human organs by providing cash or non-cash incentives. For example, in Spain, the national regulation states that every citizen is a default organ donor otherwise they must opt out to give up this responsibility. Differently, Israel uses non-cash incentives such as if the patients’ family members donate organs, they will have priority to use these organs if they need. (Park) According to the article, Yuan a Kidney, written by Sally Satel, Israeli families will get the maximum of $13,400 in some way such as a scholarship in his or her name. In addition, Sally Satel indicates that although Chinese people usually do not accept deceased organ donation today because of some traditional problems, China is considering some in-kind benefits such as rebating taxes, deducting transplant-related hospital fees, providing medical insurance, waiving tuition for donors’ family members, or deducting funeral costs for people who donated in death;

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