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Compensation for Organ Donation
Many people’s lives come to an end earlier than expected. When this happens, families mourn the loss of the loved one. However, do people mourn the loss of another life if the individual is not an organ donor? The National Kidney Foundation believes that “legalizing payments of human organs” should continue to be opposed, as codified in the third title of the National Organ Transplant Act. (National Kidney Foundation 220). If this title is changed, then there will be multiple unexpected side effects that could corrupt the system of organ donation to people who need the organs. What exactly would define the price of saving a life? Who is paying the cost of the organ? Many things could backlash from the …show more content…

Organ receivers around the country would have to have the money to pay for the organ before having the procedure done. These issues could ultimately affect all economically disadvantaged people in need of organs.
The cost of a kidney is easily in the range of thousands to hundred-thousands of dollars. Being paid to donate an organ would include monetary rewards, free or cheaper insurance, or a lower cost of taxes. This may highly appeal to people with lower incomes, or the economically disadvantaged. These statements were released by the National Kidney Foundation:
Offering money for organs can be viewed as an attempt to coerce economically disadvantaged Americans to participate in organ donation. Furthermore, since the economically disadvantaged have been shown to be less likely to be organ transplant candidates, financial incentives for organ donation could be characterized as exploitation (National Kidney Foundation 221).
This contingency comes to state that the financially disadvantaged are proven to be less likely to donate. Therefore, financial compensation may pressure some people into donating organs despite the health risks. Financial compensation may argue against itself. A key example is that some people may not be able to afford medical bills, so they decide to donate a kidney to pay other bills. However, if the donation of a kidney worsens the

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