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Donate Life Did you know that seventeen people will die today? They will not die because they were in a car wreck, involved in a shooting, or because it was simply that their time had come. Seventeen people will die because they couldn't get an organ transplant in time. Money's not the issue here. Neither is scarcity. There are potential donors who pass away every day who could meet the needs of people on the waiting list. The problem is the potential donors die without leaving instructions that they wish to be an organ donor. Each donor could enhance the lives of up to fifty people. Everyone should sign up to be an organ donor because the greatest gift you can give is the gift of life. According to the United Network of Organ …show more content…
A common misconception among families facing the question about organ donation is that it will mutilate their loved ones body. According to UNOS, "Donated organs are removed surgically, in a routine operation similar to gallbladder or appendix removal. Donation doesn't disfigure the body or change the way it looks in a casket" (Top 10 Myths). This makes it possible to donate the organs of your loved one, while still having an open casket at their funeral. Being able to have an open casket is a very important step in the grieving process; it gives closure to an individual to see their loved one lying in the casket. Many times an argument heard against organ donation is that someone's religion does not support donation. This is usually a myth and individuals should research their religions beliefs.
"Most major religions support donation, and it is generally held that donation for the benefit of others is a demonstration of faith and love for one's fellow man. Any one with questions about their faith's position on donation should consult with their clergy or spiritual advisor" (Author).
I would have to say that the biggest and most important myth on organ donation is that you don't need to tell your family about your desire to be an organ donor because it will be written down in your will. But, "By the time your will is read, it will be too late to recover your organs. Telling your family now that you want to be

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