Essay about Organ Donation -Saving Lives

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According to United Network for Organ Sharing (2010) organ donations and transplantation are the removal of organs and tissues from one person and placed into another person’s body. The need for organ transplantation usually occurs when the recipient organ has failed (UNOS, 2010). Organ donation can save the lives of many individuals who are on the waiting list for an organ donation. Becoming an organ donor can be a difficult decision. Many people have the false beliefs about being an organ donor. An example would be if organ donor is on their driver’s license and a person is in a life-threatening accident everything will not be done to save their life. There is an increase need for organ donors and unfortunately the need for organ …show more content…

Although there is no cure for Hepatitis B there are ways to help reduce re-infection once a new liver is received. Continued use of lifelong antiviral medication can decrease the re-occurrence of Hepatitis B, but because of the lack of cellular immunity if antiviral medication is stop re-occurrence can occur (Wagner, 2009). Mrs. Bay is married with two young children and is very active in her community. A great family and community bond will give the support system needed to recover from a liver transplant. She will have a chance to be in her children’s life and will be able to continue to support the community. “Trying to select organ recipients based on self worth, self-destruction behavior, and a potential for rehabilitation is difficult to justify from an ethical perspective” (Butts & Rich, 2008, p.300). Although this true, some people might not feel comfortable giving a liver to a person who states they would not make any promises to stop drinking when a new liver is received. Mrs. Bay would be a great candidate for liver transplantation because she will be more complaint to take antiviral medication indefinitely thus decreasing the risk of re-occurrence.
Mr. Mann would not be chosen for a liver transplant over Mrs. Bay. The main reason he would not be chosen first for a liver transplant is because he has the possibility of being non compliant. Although he states he will

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