Organizational Leadership and Interprofessional Team Development

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Organizational Leadership and Inter-professional Team Development The Patient and Family Care Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (PFCC) for current practice setting will be completed as well as the organization in its entirety. The results will be analyzed based on a one to five scoring system with one being the lowest. The areas where the organization could improve its PFCC care will be discussed. The analysis of how business practices and regulatory requirements impact patient family centered care. A strategy will be created that includes goals and an operational plan to increase PFCC of the organization by improving one of the gaps that’s identified. I will discuss financial implications that this strategy may have on…show more content…
Hence, they began the tradition of providing high quality healthcare to their neighbors through the creation of Medical Center Hospital (MCH). To serve the emerging health needs of the Permian Basin, MCH has grown from one hospital into a family of advance health care centers. This new MCHS enables us to provide a higher level of comprehensive care and more access points for your health care needs. Through the years, this once small 85 bed community hospital has grown to become a regional medical center and a teaching hospital. MCHS is proud of the patient and family centered care extended to all age groups with each encounter. When you come to MCHS, whether as a patient or a visitor, the employees will provide a friendly, safe, and caring service in an environment that is supported by our vision to be recognized as the premier health system in the Permian Basin. The team of caregivers is comprised of people that are known in the community friends, family, and neighbors. They are people who care that you can trust to meet your healthcare needs. MCHS respects diversity and holds each patient’s expectance unique at the forefront of clinical care decisions. MCHS is accredited by Joint Commission and varies specific accreditations throughout the system which enables them to focus on patient and family centered care. MCHS recognizes the faith community as an integral part of the lives of many of our
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