Organized Exercise Analysis

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The goal I choose to follow over the last two months was to have some form of organized exercise a day, whether it be running, basketball, or lifting weights. When I first made the plan, it was to run every morning at 11am and then again at 9pm, and any other exercise that happened to cross my way that day I would also include. However, by then end of my trip I found my plan had changed much from what it started as out. To help with the work of accomplishing this goal, I used two useful tools I had that I thought would make it easier. Firstly, I had my parents send me a text every morning to make sure I was awake and working out, or at least putting in some kind of effort to do something. Second, whenever I went running I brought along my roommate …show more content…

I used the apps along with a schedule for the time I was going to work out that day to help achieve the goal and propel me forward. I tracked my weight on the app Happy Scale, as it helped me see through the fluctuations with weight loss and see how many pounds I was actually changing on average. For the running routine I used the app C25k, which helps train for a 5k, which is something I found aligned with my goals and wouldn’t be too hard to follow. The plan was to go until the app said I could successfully complete a 5k with a reasonable time, which was 8 weeks, and after that you move …show more content…

Along with the weight loss app and my roommate going with me every day, the goal was on a very steady track to being accomplished. I definitely had enough time as the main goal was just to work out every day and see some change, and doing what was required was just to work out. I made my goal so that it would provide some challenge as I would have to go run twice every day, which would be good exercise and it did turn out to be, so I would say that I did set a good performance goal. The barriers that would prevent me from reaching my goal is laziness, having a poor diet, or doing something that could prevent me from running, but more on that later. I overcame the barriers by having my roommates and my parents always behind me motivating me to go and also coming with me. They knew what I was trying to achieve and did everything they could to help me. I personally came over laziness by holding myself accountable and always going into every situation with food viewing it as fuel and thinking about the affect it would have on my body, which lead to making healthier choices in the

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