Orwell 's 1984, By George Orwell

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Have you ever said an inappropriate joke at the wrong time and place and then notice an elderly lady staring into your soul making you question your existence? Imagine a world where everything you said, did, or thought was discriminated and controlled not only by the old lady but the entire government. Correlating with the basis of being human, humanity is the building blocks of human life, which goes to show its importance, but what if the blocks were being taken away one by one? In the novel, 1984, by George Orwell, these blocks were being stripped away from the citizens every day. Orwell gives the readers insight in a world where technology inhibits daily life, humans lack intuition, and the repression of individuality. For instance, technology today is so prevalent in our daily lives we wouldn 't know how to live without it. We’ve taken it for granted in mass associations, but what if technology no longer benefited us it actually caused pure terror every time you looked at it? In 1984, telescreens were the main source of technology used by the government, allowing them to “plug into your wire whenever they wanted” (Orwell). They were capable of doing this using a two-way display or camera. The Government is very restricting to their party members because they are given knowledge that the proles, or common people, are not. Therefore, the Party knows rebellion is not uncommon amongst it’s members. The Party allows only pure loyalty to them, to assure law is in order they

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