Othello, By William Shakespeare

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In a historical time period where emphasis was shifting from religion to race and ethnicity, key indicators of differences that perpetuated into racial prejudice and racial ideologies are evident in Othello by William Shakespeare. Although racism was not fully formed at this moment in history, Othello can be interpreted as a representation and an exploration of this shift in ideology. In the past, before this change toward racial differences, religion was the major segretory factor in signifying prejudice towards certain religious groups primarily Islam as a threat to European Christians. Although modern racial ideologies are mostly influenced by European imperialism and colonialism, the justification for their exploitation of indigenous conquered groups required some form of racist ideology. Physical characteristics became “racial markers” which Europeans believed were natural differences that represented inherent internal characteristics. Othello the character and Shakespeare the author are intertwined in this shifting paradigm during this major transformation of ideology from religion to racial prejudice. Othello the play begins not with Othello who bears the title of Shakespeare 's work but with Iago. Similar to many other tragedies such as Lear and Macbeth that begin with ancillary figures discussing the character who inevitably becomes the center of the tragedy, there exists no other play that prolongs the introduction of this tragic hero until finally, he sets

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