Othello's Tragic Flaws

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Othello’s tragic flaws Rodrigo Diaz 5/13/14 William Shakespeare wrote many plays in the 1600’s, lots of them were tragedies. William Shakespeare’s plays often had the downfall of a hero in it. In the play Othello: the tragic hero, Othello who is a larger than life character has earned a high rank in life as well as the military. He is a much respected man even though he is black. And has married a white woman named Desdemona. But when he makes the decision to make Casio Lieutenant instead of Iago, Iago makes a plan to destroy Othello’s life completely. Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is not being faithful and is cheating on him with Casio, which eventually leads to Othello’s and Desdemona’s demise. This is mostly due to Othello’s character flaws and not as much as the outside forces. If Othello didn’t have poor judgment and wasn’t so angry, jealous and suspicious of others betraying him he would have talked to Desdemona first rather than jumping straight to conclusions like he did. In the play, Othello is a larger than life character. He is a well-respected general in the army and had earned himself a high place in society. He was known throughout Venice. He is also noble and virtuous. He seems like the perfect character, but he is not. A big flaw of Othello’s may be even his biggest flaw, is how much trust he puts in Iago. He trusts him so much throughout the play Iago seems honest and often scared to tell Othello bad news. When the whole time Iago is

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