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Othmar Ammann was a renowned designer and engineer of his time. He gained a great name in designing long suspension bridges to America. His famous bridges included Verrazano-Narrows Bridge that presents over New York harbor. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge considered as longest single span bridge in the world. He also has great contributions in designing railroad bridges in America. He worked on Queensboro Bridge after joining (PSC) Pennsylvania Steel Company. He created famous steel arch bridge of New York City that famous with the name of Hell Gate. Bridge at Ohio River is also to his credit.
Othmar Ammann also wrote two reports in which he defines the causes of bridge failures. He includes the various reasons that lead to collapse Tacoma Narrows …show more content…

His beliefs made him popular during the depression era. He also designed George Washington Bridge from steel. He clad the steel of the bridge in stones to reduce the cost of construction. He used his tremendous and exceptional managerial skills that enabled him to complete the George Washington Bridge in small budget and before time. Othmar Ammann only Non-suspension Bridge is arched Bayonne Bridge.
He also reinforced Bronx-Whitestone Bridge right after one year in order reduce the perceptible movement that effects the traffic flow during high wind. He initially used Warren trusses for giving enough stiffness to bridge. Hitherto, that idea spoiled the streamlined attribute of the bridge. Then he decided to lightweight fiberglass to slice the wind on both sides of the bridge.
Along with bridge design, he also created a plan for the Lincoln Tunnel construction. He also opened New York and heaviest suspension bridge of the world in New York. That bridge named as Verrazano-Narrows Bridge also has the 8th position among the longest span on the globe. His contribution to the building of Golden Gate Bridge enabled it to rank at 9th placed among the best buildings in the

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