Our Perceptions Of Society Can Be Divided Into Two Opposing Frames Of Reference

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Our perceptions of society can be divided into two opposing frames of reference: subjective vs. objective. The primer viewpoint is the lens that we see the world. This is similar to our personal experiences, implicit learning and actions done under our control. The latter social attitude depicts the collective vision of people ranging from small families to extensive cities, institutions, etc. These groups create the backbone of society, distinguishing economics, politics, and other social divisions. Merging these two concepts of personal and social forces is the ability to use social imagination. Coined by sociologist C. Wright Mills, social imagination allows individuals to understand experiences and gauge their fate by becoming aware of their environment (Mills 2). It goes beyond a simple individualistic perspective to the viewpoints of history and other social disciplines. In class reading, The Promise by Wright Mills, it describes that social awareness can create an entrapped notion, limiting people’s ambitions by the threats that prevent people to transcend. Justification of this was captured in the film China Blue where as more Chinese laborers became more conscious of their perilous working conditions, the greater the sentiment of irritability and need for change. Through class readings and the film, we are able to gain a greater understanding of how social imagination deviates from common explanations by creating an awareness of underlying social structures that
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