Outline For Lord Of The Flies Essay

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a. Character Description- gives the reader the perspective of the lives of the "New People"; the artist b. Character Quality: insightful c. Support- recognizes the savage nature of his tribe when they are about to kill Liku. d. Character Quality- superior, arrogant e. Support- believes he is separated from the others, so he has a scandalous affair with Marlan's woman. n. Marlan a. Character Description- powerful, authoritative; has the title of the ruler-priest; remains ruler because the rest of his tribe is scared of him more than they resent his rules and law; the witchdoctor IV. Symbolism- Lord of the Flies A. Conch Shell a. Organization b. Support- blow the shell to call group meetings c. Support- have to be holding the shell in order …show more content…

Golding’s Use of Children- Lord of the Flies A. Innate Savage Instinct a. amplified through William Golding’s use of children as characters b. Support- ultimately, the manhunt on the island is only ended by an adult, the Naval Officer c. Example- before leaving to go anywhere, Jack brings a knife with him. d. Example- Jack’s first instinct was to raise his knife and kill the pig, not to help free it. e. Example- even though it isn’t real, the kids all want to kill the snake/beast. B. Initial Reactions and Actions that show the non-moral values that are instinctive in humans a. Example- Ralph, who is seen as a civilized character, automatically starts to mock Piggy for who he is; Ralph didn’t notice Piggy until he was able to start tormenting. b. Example- while they walk, the older boys destroy the sand castles that the littluns had made. VII. Symbolism- The Inheritors A. Light vs. Dark a. Description- the symbolism between light and dark shows the contrast between the good and innocent Neanderthals and the barbaric and evil Homo Sapiens. B. "forest devils" b. This idea of "imaginary" evil is very similar to the Beast in Lord of the Flies. c. Like the Beast, they provoke fear in the people, and they show the evil nature of

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