Outsiders Are Outsided

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Outsiders are those who are misjudged and misunderstood. They are misjudged and misunderstood because people in our world can not accept people who are different from themselves. Also people have certain expectations for other people. One other thing is that people come from different backgrounds. They are raised differently, so that is an affect on how they are.
People who are different are not accepted by other people. They are misunderstood and misjudged, because people in our world can not accept people who are different from themselves. For example in a school the rich preppy kids are the insiders. They have a big group of friends, they all wear the same types of clothes, drive nice cars, and get all their money from mommy and daddy. These people do not like other people who are not in their friend group. Why? Because they are divergent, whether it be that they are smarter and “nerdy” or wear different clothes then them. The biggest one though is what you look like and what people you hang out with. This does not just happen in high school, this happens everywhere. At work with adults they do the same thing. The only thing making outsiders outsiders is that they are being judged by society
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People have different background and were raised differently. So they the way they act, look, dress have some what to do with what they have lived with. Like if your family has less money and can not afford nice name brand clothes. If your family is rich and you have all the nicest things that you can buy. If that your family is poor and you do not have many clothes or running water at home. Also if your family does not really care what you do that can affect what you do or say. If your family is strict or if you have had a lot of troubles in life and in your family, like divorce or deaths. All of these things can affect a person and make them an outsider, which they get misjudged
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