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Are Outsiders Simply Those Who Are Misjudged or Misunderstood? When people hear the word “outsider” it typically doesn’t reflect positivity and joy. Usually it is used to point out how different the other party is from the social norm or standard already set. There are numerous ways a person can be pegged as an outsider, either by the way they dress, their thoughts and their actions. These thoughts and actions can have negative outcomes in terms of social acceptance because of how strange these people seem or act compared to the ordinary. With this in mind Kafka’s work The Metamorphosis can be introduced. In this short story, Gregor Samsa, the main character, has undergone a change that makes him into an outcast. This metamorphosis is not by choice, but nonetheless it leads to negative reactions from those around him. Equally, the related video dealing not only with Kafka's work, but also with the idea of changing as a human being can also used to tie in the idea of being different from the crowd. In addition, my own experiences of feeling isolated and different show how being an outcast is not a foreign idea. Due to this it can be said that outsiders are simply people who are misjudged or misunderstood and to emphasize this The Metamorphosis can be used as the first source of support. With The Metamorphosis, it can be read that Gregor Samsa underwent a change involuntarily. One day he had woken up in his bed only to realize that he had become an insect. However, Samsa’s

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