Overcoming The Issues Over Immigration

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Overcoming the Issues Over Immigration For many decades, immigration laws and reforms has become more and more complex due to the diverse impacts immigrants contribute in a society. Analyzing, comparing and contrasting the texts, “The Border” by Ross Douthat and Jenny Woodson, and “Obama’s Next Act: Immigration Reforms” by Chris Farrell, both texts address the issues dealing with illegal immigrants and their impacts to the economy by stating their claims, warrant, and evidences. Moreover, while Douthat and Woodson claims that illegal immigrants cause threats in the society, Chris Farrell successfully argues that immigrants are more likely to contribute in the economy rather than cause issues suggesting that amnesty and new reforms should be given to the millions of illegal immigrants. Comparing the texts, both works cover the topic of immigration. Both focus on the issues contributed by the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States. Both text agree that many immigrants view the United States as the land of opportunities. In the text “The Border”, the authors state that many illegal immigrants continue to “keep slipping through” the borders and are willingly to take risk because they believe that it will be worth it once they have started a new and better life (430). In a survey, the authors state that twenty-one percent of Mexicans interviewed say “they would come to United State immediately…even If they had to come illegally” (430). The survey proves that
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