Overfishing And Its Effects On Humans

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Fish, one of the worlds’ leading food source in all regions of the world, but what if one day that food source was to deplete so drastically that one could no longer use it as a food source? What would happen to the people that rely solely on this source? What would happen to the people that relied on catching fish as a job? What would happen to the worlds’ economy? These are only a few questions that should be a concern in the result of Overfishing. The ocean is a big and mass world living among us, taking up seventy eight percent of our space on Earth. This makes the idea of overfishing sound ridiculous and people often ignore the idea. How could we possibly deplete such a large resource? However, overfishing is not a concept to be taken lightly. Not every fish in the ocean is editable and not every fish is able to be reached by fisherman. However, the fish we do commonly eat and catch is being caught at an alarming rate, faster than they are able to reproduce, but we will talk about this more later. For one to better understand overfishing, one must be aware of the causes of Overfishing and the effects it has on our society. In order to better understand a concept, one must really dig down beneath the surface in order to truly understand it. We will go over the causes and effects of overfishing and its effects on the marine life, what it does to the food supply for civilization, and the subtle signs warning us about overfishing. Not all marine life is edible, but that
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