Pain: The Detrimental Effects Of Guilt

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A perfectly complex relationship never has a formulaic solution. One of the contributors that enhance these complexities arise from the actions spurred by guilt. These actions seem to hold no rhyme or reason since the impulses often only serve to severe relationships even more instead of redeem relationships. Therefore, I wondered why this phenomenon occurs since common sense ensures that each person is fully aware of the detrimental effects of guilt. Also, I hope that examining the source and effects of other’s experiences with guilt would help me analyze and prevent myself from making similar mistakes. Examining some aspects of guilt and examples of how guilt has impacted certain relationships in novels such as Kite Runner and Little Bee,…show more content…
Paradoxically refusing to submit to the magnitude of blame while desperately searching for the instant gratification of grace, an offender rends into the ultimate weapon of guilt: isolation. In response, isolation creates a one-sided mirror in close relationships. This indicates that ultimately, guilt impairs all rationale, yet simultaneously gives liquid courage to progress on the path towards redemption. The immediate impact of guilt is the alteration of the relationship with one’s own mind and self-worth. Trapping its victims’ minds into a haunting torment, guilt is one of the most effective prisons of mental and physical isolation. Despite the magnitude of the action itself that strikes grief, the effects of guilt magnify into an everlasting shame that permeates the structural integrity of one’s self-worth. In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir battles with his deteriorating self-worth as he perceives himself as “a liar, a cheat, and a thief, ” which tormented his mentality even though he desperately “wanted to be able to breathe again” (Hosseini). His perception of himself as undeserving made him feel the incessant constriction of guilt with every single breath,
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