Painted Faces In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Painted Faces

Even though Ralph is a young teenage boy he still possesses the characteristics of a grown man. He shows us courage, responsibility, strength, hard work, and most importantly leadership. One nautical day everything changed for Ralph and his schoolmates after becoming stranded on an uninhabited island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The boys claim they were shot down, but no one knows for sure what had happened. Somehow everyone survives the plane crash except for the pilot which means the youngsters were without any adult supervision. Ralph’s childishness was soon to show as he runs around cheering with his clothes off. In the book Ralph is distinguished as a handsome fair looking boy with blond hair and gold looking …show more content…

To make the mask a little more interesting I have created two flaps that cover the mask except for the two eye sockets. On the flaps you will see a map of the island with much detail and color to represent the luscious landform and will provide the feeling of what's going on inside the island once you reveal the flaps. Before you take a look inside though you will notice that I have not covered the eyes. Inside each eye you will see a symbol. In the right eye I have drawn a picture of a boat sailing across the ocean and in the left I have drawn a bonfire. I Drew the reflection of the boat to symbolize how eager Ralph is to get off the island and we can all see this by the way he blows up in Jack's face. And for the fire it represents and shows that the boys need to respect and listen to each other if they want to survive. Now on to the inside. The first object that would catch my eye when you look inside is the conch shell that is placed on the bottom middle of the mask. The conch shell represents peace and binds the boys together to create a brotherhood. The shell is a light pinkish color with a mix of white to blend the emotions.I have also drawn a pair of sticks that are on fire creating an “X” in the middle of the mask to symbolize strength and power. Above the two I have written the word “bravery” to show that Ralph is willing to whatever it takes to lead his fellow schoolmates. On top of the mask you will notice a detailed crown with diamonds and jewels, I drew this because it shows his leadership and responsibility he has granted to the group.The crown consists very rich and eye capturing colors. Inside the crown you will see the letters that spell out leadership and I put this word on here because without Ralph's leadership this group of boys would have no one else to lead them that has the same characteristics as him. To add on

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