Paper: Belief, Truth, and Positive Organizational Deviance

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Parks, G. S., Jones, S. E., & Hughey, M. W. (2011). Belief, Truth, and Positive Organizational Deviance. Wake Forest Univ. Legal Studies Paper .
This research paper, Belief, Truth, and Positive Organizational Deviance, is published in the Wake Forest University School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series and available in most online academic databases using the title or the authors names or the keywords, deviance Organizational Behavior, Social Psychology, Empirical Legal Studies.

This paper focuses on the organizational behavior construct of "organizational deviance." This occurs when an "organization's customs, policies, or internal regulations are violated by an individual or a group that may jeopardize the well-being of the organization or its citizens." (Parks, Jones, & Hughey, 2011). The paper examines reasons why the law fails to constrain illegally consequential behavior within organizations. In this regard, the paper highlights the operations within the Black Greek-Letter Organizations (BGLOs). Black Greek-Letter Organizations are organizations whose members remain deeply committed in pursuit of a life-course despite constant legal wrangling and violent hazing within them. This paper empirically ascertains issue such as:
1. The general beliefs within the organization that support hazing. Members remain resigned to the idea that their behavior serves the highest ideals of the organization.
2. The extent to which beliefs about the utility of

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