Paper Tigers Documentary Analysis

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After viewing the documentary Paper Tigers, please answer the following questions. When possible, use scenes/examples from the documentary to support your answer. Each question is worth a maximum of 20 points. Please use the attached grading rubric to help inform your responses. 1. How might we inspire community members of all kinds to stand-up and be an ally for those kids who are labeled as dysfunctional or different? I think a big step in the right direction would be to teach people to be nonjudgmental. Everyone is different and has their ups and downs in their life at some point. Many people see the troubled children and my judge them based on what they see or heard, without knowing the actual details about the situation. I think it would …show more content…

Having each individual student’s ACE score makes it easier for teachers and intervention specialists to determine who is the most vulnerable. Every teacher should be trained in ACE. Parents should be educated about ACE as well, for example the school could have an information night about ACE. The parents that couldn’t make it could get information about ACE sent to their home. Discussing each student’s ACE score should be part of every parent-teacher conference, so the teacher knows how to best support the parents and their children. Teachers could be giving the parents appropriate resources, based on the conversation they had. Very primary care doctor and therapist (if the student has one) should have access to their patient’s ACE score as well. I think it’s important that they have a good relationship to their patient’s teacher, so information can be exchanged quicker that may have an impact on the ACE score, for example the doctor noticed that his patient has lost dramatically on …show more content…

Even a new playground or a community center where people form the neighborhood can meet, exchange idea or receive information about their town/city would be beneficial. Parents should spend some more time with their children doing an activity together (ex. doing a puzzle) because this really strengthens the bond between a parent and its child. Parents should also spend less time watching TV with their children together or should be mindful that having their child in front of an IPadI or the smartphone will not help their relationship either. Parents should have a one-on-one time with their children without the use of any kinds of electronics. Reading a book together can be a very precious time for parent and child as

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