Paragraph 4 Matthew Goodman

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The author presents the statistics from paragraph 1 to paragraph 3 which indicates the phenomenon of unemployment of workers in foreign news’ bureaus and the decrease of American people following the foreign current news nowadays. However, the author causes the great alarm to readers that those foreign information is totally permeant to American people’s daily life. In Paragraph 4, Goodman mentions the two overseas wars involving with US. The first is the war in Mideast region where many American armies and troops staying there for fighting anytime. The second is about the Great Recession happened since 2007 to 2009. While the economy in American is looming and depressing, more and more products in factories and industries are harvesting…show more content…
Nonetheless, Goodman condemns such a fresh platform as globalization or the weather. “Too often it seems as if professional foreign correspondents, the people…and other white noise into the mix.” The author uses a simile here to differ user-generated content from the professional news organizations, which can lead his audience better realize that news organizations have more credits and the fashions they follow present are filling with numerous uncertainties, such as “speculation, propaganda and other white noise” as Goodman presents in the passage. In addition, most celebrities in America is American and they study abroad less and they know informations less about another country than those professional journalists do, how can they have more authorities than news organizations do? From the whole article, the author exerts many object opinions particularly when he describes the advantages and disadvantages of both news office and user-generated contents. The readers will be more persuasive to what contents the author provides in the passage and they can better distinguish which is the best choice for them to follow according to the expertise of carrying foreign
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