Parenthood Is A Great Movie

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The movie Parenthood is a great movie to watch. It delivers a good message about parenting, life struggles, and love. Just as grandma stated that life was like a roller coaster, up and down, up and down. Each sibling of the Buckman family has struggles in his or her own family. Helen Buckman, as a single mom stands out the most to me. Helen Buckman is the second child of the Buckman family. She has an older brother Gil, younger sister Susan, and a younger brother Larry. Her father, Frank, is a distant father when she grows up. He doesn’t have many to do with the children. Helen has divorced with her ex-husband, and has two teenage children living under her household, Julie and Gary. She is a bank manager, lives in a pretty house in a …show more content…

She wanted to be a role model for her children and at the same time, she wanted to become friend with them. Helen valued education, and she wanted Julie to go to college and have a successful life. However, after she found out that Julie had secretly being together with Tod, the poor, unambitious man. She was disappointed, betrayed, sad. Julie moved out of Helen’s home. Later, when Helen found out that Julie and her husband Tod had nowhere to live, she let them move in with her. She is a permissive parent, yet, she cares about her children, provides them as much support as she can. Helen stayed calm when Gary told her he wanted to live with his dad for a while. I can see her heart was bleeding when she heard her son’s words. She gave Gary his father’s phone number anyway, and Gary talked to his dad over the phone and figured out the cruel fact that his dad didn’t care for them anymore. Helen wanted to comfort Gary but he refused to talk. I felt Helen’s guilt and desperation at that moment. After she broke into Gary’s room and found out that Gary was carrying the bag that contains pornography, she immediately asked Tod’s help to talk to Gary. She had a chance to talk to Tod and had learned that Tod came from a broken family. She had a better idea of who Tod was and his help to Gary gained Helen’s respect. Helen supported Tod and helped her daughter Julie overcame the tough situation in marriage. Helen

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