Parenting In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Parenting is the roughest part of an adult's life you have to work to maintain your family and give them what they need. Working as a parent can be complicated for families, because it is hard for the parent that works to always physically be with his family. This affects the children by giving them mixed and emotions that will separate them emotionally from the family. Willy Loman a man who failed in life but was a good father. Willy was never great with his sons, he did not discipline them well and he didn't set a good example on parenting. Willy did not make his family the number one priority, he focused a lot on his job, and achieving the American dream. The character Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller shows Willy a suicidal man who is looking for opportunities in finding a better job, worries his family by being cemented in his own world of luxuriance, he believes in easy success but is afraid of never finding wealth.
Willys physical appearance is foolish he is a fat man with a great smile. This appearance shows that Willy doesn't take care of his health which could be one of the reasons why Willy has problems being a good salesman. Willy Loman was born July 11, 1886 in New York and died in November 20, 1949. Willy being forced to work with Howard a man who doesn't care about Willys sales expertise at selling. Willie's older brother Ben left the city looking for new opportunities and is now rich working for himself while Willy urges to become as rich as

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