Parliament Doesn't Carry Out Its Functions Adequately

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'Parliament carries out none of its functions adequately.' Discuss (40 marks)

In the UK, Parliament consists of the Monarchy, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This has existed for centuries and has stood the test of time, in that it still exists. However a number of concerns have been raised about some of the functions and whether they function adequately enough (to a satisfactory or acceptable extent). Parliament currently carries out several functions and is the prime legislative body in the UK. It has many functions such as being representative, legitimising legislation, calling government to account as well as scrutinising and amending legislation. It is made up of representatives who are voted in order to represent …show more content…

The history of parliament has demonstrated that a traditional role was to provide consent for the Monarch’s legislation. This still remains one of the main functions, also though any government enjoys a mandate from the electorate, it is still important that's it's authority to legislate is underpinned by parliament. It carries out legitimising functions as being the body which approves and sanctions major decisions in the life of the nation. For example in 2013 it did not confer legitimacy to the Government to intervene in Syria. But it can be said to have failed in the past by not fulfilling the wishes of the wider public by legitimising the war in Iraq. It is said to lack legitimacy when the government commands a large majority in the Commons. The House of Lords is also said to lack democratic legitimacy

Parliament has a central function in carrying out a scrutiny role. It carries close inspection and where it is necessary, amendments maybe proposed this is carried out in both houses. It holds the government collectively and the PM and other ministers accountable for their actions. It does this in debates, question times and through the work of Departmental Select Committees (DSC). However it maybe be argued that is not enough since scrutiny does not often involve blocking legislation. It is not expected that parliament will make substantial changes, but it does

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