Parliamentary System And Presidential System

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This issue determines the effectiveness of Parliamentary System and Presidential System as compares to each other. After World War I the demand of democracy started to spread like fire across the world and of course in European Countries as well. Many Colonial Systems & Monarch adopted Democracy and then arises the necessity of a proper Governmental System. It was in the hands of the state of choose in between Parliamentary, Semi – Presidential and Presidential forms of Government. In this period, the Constitutional Monarchies adapted the Presidential System while Absolute Monarchies preferred Presidential or Semi – Presidential form of Government. However, United Kingdom remained under Constitutional Monarchy, but adapted some …show more content…

Westminster and Consensus System are main systems of Parliamentary form of Government to be distinguished between. A well-known system of Parliamentary system in respect to Commonwealth countries is Westminster System of Parliament. It attributes a cause to the opposition debate instead of consensual debate. It gives right to every citizen to stand for election instead of closed list of participants. This brings a transparency which is most important in democratic counties for political system. Unlike in the consensus system, the plenary sessions here are more important that committee meetings .
Consensus System of Parliament includes the debate with permission or without objecting the opposition. Compulsory attending a meeting is not that important as compared to Committee meetings in Consensus System of Parliament. Consensus system is based on dualism, which means that ministers are personally attending and participating in the debate, but are not entitled to vote .
The Presidential System mainly focuses on the fact that Head of Government is the Head of the State and legislative has no authority over executive. The President is not answerable for functions of legislative nor he can dismiss the legislative but legislative branch of state can remove/ discharge the President by impeachment.
The Head of State

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