Passing. Passing Is A Transcendental Novel That Its Focus

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Passing is a transcendental novel that its focus is not encompassed only in a unique group of people, but embraces and approaches a cross section of diverse categories involving sexuality, gender, “race,” and class distinction. All the non-accepted characteristics by society converge in Irene and Clare Kendry who are the main characters in Passing. Irene and Clare are Black light-skinned women who show an implicit sexual tension in their comments to each other. Furthermore, they address their lives in different directions. Clare decides to pass as a White woman and marry a White wealthy racist man who provides her a class and social stability, while Irene marries a Black doctor, and live a façade of a happy marriage; although Clare
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The question of identity might seem blurry since Clare and Irene are defined by non-traditional standards. Nonetheless, the key point is uniqueness, these characters cannot be oversimplified or stereotyped according to their complexion or sexuality since they have a duality in “race,” for they can pass as white women. The author … mentions, “Through the character of Clare, her body, and her actions, Passing deals with the binaries of race (black/white), gender (woman/man), sexuality (heterosexual/ homosexual), (13) and class (working-class/middle-class)” (Larsen 35). In the case of Clare, the reader can observe how Clare can camouflage in different scenarios whether with her sexuality, with her “race,” or maintaining a conversation with lower class individuals. Irene’s duality is subtle, she passes as a white woman, so she can enter to places like the Drayton without being perturbed, and her sexuality is a mystery.
Clare Kendry and Irene have different points of view when it comes to the ideology of “race.” Irene is proud of being Black, and for her having a bond with her family and friends is primordial. On the other hand, Clare Kendry is not attached to any physical or blood belonging. However, both can have the privileges of being “multiracial.” An author …says, "Physical features, namely skin color, are linked to attributes of intellect and behavior, establishing a
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