Pasteur And The Chemist In The Academy Of Medicine In Paris

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The relationship between chemist and the doctors in the Academy of Medicine in Paris is that they both study in the same field of science. Chemist are seen as frauds like Pasteur for advocating doctors to wash their hands and clean their instrument. The doctors targets the well-being of humans while chemist specializes in their medication.
Dr. Charbonnet believed that diseases appeared within humans similar to how certain forms come from inanimate objects like fleas from dust; this is called spontenous generation. Charbonnet argued that the microbes are the result of disease meaning that the microbes are not the reason for causing an illness but come after someone contracts a disease. Unlike Pasteur’s idea, he said that microorganisms are …show more content…

Pasteur’s pamphlet would have prevented the spread the bacteria if the midwives would have washed their hands and boiled their instruments.
The reason for the Emperor of France to call on Louis Pasteur is due to how a murder of a doctor his related to his pamphlet. The Emperor was curious about Pasteur’s idea on microorganism and how they are the cause of diseases. The results of the meeeting made Pasteur leave Paris due to how the amount of disbelief of his theory was to the people of the party.
Anthrax is a fatal infection of the skin, respiratory system, or gastroineutinal systems. Affects most animals that are herbivores. The life cycle of anthrax starts with the animal and when the animal dies, the diseases sits on the soil while the other mammals eat the grass from that spot. Louis Pasteur developed a vaccine for his sheep to prevent them from getting anthrax which led other doctors and scientist to acknowledge …show more content…

While the experimental group is the group of sheep that recieved the vaccine while being exposed to anthrax also. The variable of the experiment is the vaccination given to the two groups that are in different enclosures. The results were that the vaccine provided by Pasteur prevented the experimented group from dying of anthrax compared to the controlled group.
Dr. Joseph Lister was able to reintroduce cleaniness to the medical field. He used carbolic acid to dress a wound to reduce the rate of infection. This relates to Louis Pasteur because the both of them believed in microbes being the reason for disease so they enforce washing your hands and boiling instruments.
Rabies is spread through animals bites of an infected animal. Symptoms involve fever, headache nausea, etc. The animals that can trasmit rabies are cats, dogs, wolves, bats, and more. The reason why rabies is called hydrophobia, “fear of water”, due to how in one of the symptons of rabies, a person will not be able to swallow liquids which causes

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