Lonnie And His Wife Monologue

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Pathological lying is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. Induvial are aware they are lying but begging to believe they are telling the truth over time. We see this specifically with the main character Lonnie. Lies are obstacles that harm one’s internal states of life which makes one unable to communicate with others. Was lying going to sharpen his and his wife’s relationship, make his addiction go away of even make his past come back? Lies are used to avoid hurting others and the relationships with them, they destroy trust between people. Throughout the passage we see Lonnie destroy his relationships with his wife. His lying goes deeper than not wanting to go to work. It goes way back to his young days when he was in the band. Lonnie is depressed because his dream of becoming famous didn’t exactly work out for him. His wife is disappointed in him and he is unhappy with his life. He begging’s to rely on alcohol to take away his pain of not being good enough. Although addiction can be very hard to overcome this doesn’t make it an excuse for Lonnie to act out the way he does. As a man, he needs to deal with his problems head on. He has a wife and daughter to care and provide for. “It was by nine o’clock I had my first drink” this quote from the passage shows us that Lonnie has a drinking problem. He is so caught up in the past and idolizes over it. Sadly, he can’t face the fact that times have changed, he has grown up and he isn’t a young “band player” anymore.

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