Patient Communication In Nursing

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As a Nurse, I believe that effective patient communication is integral to competent patient care. The patient to nurse communication sets the tone for the patient’s stay and how they are going to feel about the care they receive. It furthermore improves their care because patients are often quite knowledgeable about their bodies. Just a few months ago, I cared for a patient with medical device I was unfamiliar with. My unit had a nurse call out, and our patient to nurse ratio was higher than usual. I did not stop to research my patient’s notes as I usually do. Typically, when I have a patient with an unfamiliar medication, device, or condition, I have them explain it to me in their own words and I research it myself. On this day however, I decided to “go through the motions” and try to get a head start on my busy day. I attempted to get started on my assessments and medication pass as soon as possible. My patient had what is known as a left ventricular assist device. A surgical device worn by patients with severe heart failure in need of a heart transplant. The night nurse had already informed me that the patient had some extremely liable blood pressure readings overnight, but not to worry, it was normal for the patient as she needed a heart transplant. The patient care tech brought me the vital sign sheet. Wow! Blood pressure 60/40? “This cannot be accurate at all” I thought to myself. I decided to assess this patient first, considering her blood pressure reading was so

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