Patient Shadowing

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In the previous assignment I mentioned that I had reached out to numerous healthcare professionals, but I was awaiting a response. In the meantime, I ended up shadowing my mother who is a registered nurse. After shadowing my mother, I discovered that I did not see myself as a visiting nurse. Luckily, I have another individual who is not only involved in the healthcare profession, but also extremely close to home. My neighbor, Janet, so happens to be a physical therapist and she happily allowed me to shadow her over this past month. Similar to my mother, Janet turned to working as a part-time physical therapist when she had children. She explained that most physical therapists work full-time, but the home health agency VNA Care employs numerous…show more content…
Similar to a registered nurse, many daily activities and job responsibilities of a physical therapist crossover. Janet explained that it was her responsibility to communicating with the doctor about a patient's progress towards goals; she explained that this is not a daily activity, but rather a weekly or monthly task. Additionally, Janet also explained that it was her responsibility to oversee her patients’ are by monitoring and supervising any patient's physical therapy aids.
While I shadowed Janet, I noticed that there was a multitude of tedious documentation that she was required to record. She explained that she spends numerous hours outside of work completing this documentation. Aside from the overwhelming amount of documentation, I felt that I could potentially enjoy working in the field of physical therapy. Janet is able to truly work with patients one-on-one and it was heartwarming to see the excitement that Janet expressed when her patients showed progress. As the year progresses, I plan to look into the steps required to become a physical
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