Patients Like Me: A Case Study

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Patients Like Me (PLM) is a patient generated research network that strives to improve lives and a research platform in real-time that wishes to advance medicine. On this network, individuals can connect with other who has a common illness or condition, and they can monitor and share their own experiences. In PLM, the information progression data is generated about diseases that can help researchers, medical companies, pharmaceutical companies, and nonprofits, and helps create a more effective care, products, and services. Patient experience with treatments and medication are gathered, which allows treatment efficiency and any side effects to be measured and recorded. If People Like Me were to grow without a General Platform, then the network must continue to add on other niche communities as the group has done in previous …show more content…

This will guarantee that the customers experience will not be affected for members who are already invested in the website. Although there are smaller communities, patients are still more likely to remain engaged, since they are still receiving the same service, except now on a larger scale. The General Platform will complete the framework of People Like Me by creating more unique categories, which in turn allows the offering a larger number of communities for diseases. There will be more data for medical research by seeking out new information in these greater and additional communities. As an example, pharmaceutical companies would be able to access more testing data, which results in better responses to questions about treatment and medications, giving better answers to health insurers and researchers. People Like Me offers value to their patients because of their ability to share health stories which will provide a collective insight; yielding better data about a disease, than a patient could learn from a doctor

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