Patrick Henry Speech Essay

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In 1775, Patrick Henry gave America one of the most inspiring speeches that will bring soon bring them together with war on the rise. “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” has become the battle-cry to the people in the colonies to take a stand against Britain’s rule and make America their own country. Even after the attempted peace between the two countries, it has been exhausted to the breaking point, and it has come to the time where fighting for their own freedom is the only viable option. Henry’s speech spoke volumes to the American people of the truth, the false presence of peace, and the cry for battle against Britain. The British rule in the American colonies has reached a breaking point for most. The people want to have freedom from …show more content…

Peaceful subjugation has been attempted in the past, however, it only lead to more violent actions from Britain. Even if America only wants peace, love, and reconciliation, it’s clear that Britain doesn’t care about the American people as they brought in the army and navy. That’s a clear sign of war breaking out; Henry won’t stand for the insolence of the British Empire and begs the people to see the truth and to disregard the idea of peace for Britain has already thrown out the idea long ago. If there was truly peace amongst the two nations, then war wouldn’t have to happen. The Americans haven’t seen that truth at this point, so the purpose of Henry giving this speech is to give only the truth to them so that they may decide for themselves what they believe is best for the nation and whether they will fight for their freedom or continue to be trampled over by the British. As with war, peace dissipates and the American people will eventually see the truth. Patrick Henry’s was using the time he had with his speech to essentially declare war against Great Britain. The big difference that came from the two armies was that it looked like Henry wasn’t trying to force anyone to go fight in a war. He was giving the option of fighting rather than forcing the idea onto them. Even though he doesn’t force the American people to fight, he instead inspires people to fight by stating, “Three

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