Pay For Performance Essay

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Hello Lashanda,
Thanks for your informative post, I agree, pay for performance is a reimbursement method aimed at improving the experiences of patients at various health institutions. This method as you mentioned is becoming popular among health care policymakers and health care insurers. it is a method based on incentive paid by health care insurers to providers to encourage the overall improvement of providers’ healthcare services to their patients . The pay for performance is considering a method of reimbursement that has shifted much of the financial risks to the providers of health care. The shift in risks to providers could be a double-edged sword. For one, the method can be credited for allowing physicians accountability for costs containment and wellbeing of their patients to be emphasized within the health arena. On the other hand, P4P could result in physicians enrolling patients with less complicated health problems in the practices, or it could lead to physicians avoiding healthcare facilities in poorer neighborhoods with many chronic ill patients. That said, researchers do not concur that the pay for …show more content…

Pay for performance is indeed a popular system of reimbursement to hospitals and providers, with adjustable financial incentive rates or a bonus. That said, I like that you reminded us there is a difference in the goals and process of the pay for performance and those of utilization management department, however, it is possible for providers or hospitals to use the result of a utilization management process such as retrospective reviews to improve their patients’ health care services in the health care arena, consequently, enhancing their incentive from their respective insurer. I like that you enumerated in details the activities covered under the pay for performance quality improvement reviews, as it is important to for health care managers to be cognizant of the various segments of the

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