Peace Among States: The Democratic Peace Theory Essay

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The factors known to contribute to peace among states are very controversial. Some of the well-known factors to affect how peaceful states are with one another is the type of regime a state is under and whether they are in possession of nuclear weapons, ironically. According to the democratic peace theory, “democracies rarely, if ever, enter into war against each other” (Chan, 59). They are more likely to wage war with non-democratic states such as communist states, rather than a democratic one. Therefore this leads to peace among states who are democratic in nature due to the fact they share similar beliefs. States who possess nuclear weapons ironically are less likely to go to war with each other because they feel more secure.
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This can be seen approximately around 1945, when both London and Paris start to build nuclear weapons due to “growing Soviet military threat and the inherent reduction in the credibility of the U.S. nuclear guarantee to NATO allies once the Soviet Union was able to threaten retaliation against the United States” (Sagan 58). London and Paris could no longer count on the United States to support them at this time due to its conflict with the Soviet Union. Soon after China also developed a bomb because Beijing was threatened by the United States with possible nuclear attacks right at the end of the Korean War and again during the Taiwan Straits in the mid-1950s (Sagan 58). It was like a domino effect. Once one state developed nuclear weapons, the neighboring states felt threatened and thus started to create their own.
Sagan further enhances his argument by stating that, “a state’s nuclear acquisition will enhance the international prestige of the state, such prestige has been viewed simply as a reasonable, though diffuse, means used to enhance the state’s international influence and security” (Sagan 76). Hence, the state is likely to feel secure and won’t pursue a war with the other state. Sagan proves his statement by providing sufficient evidence. He explains how the French developed nuclear weapons during the 1950s because they viewed the Soviet Union as a threat to their security and well-being. Many states created nuclear weapons due

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