Peace and Granduer in The Romantic Temper

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Seeing past the flawed, faith in possibilities and insistence on equal opportunities for all defined the Romantic’s outlook and attitude. With sights firmly set on the wonders of another dimension, The Romantic Temper is filled with thoughts of peace and grandeur. The ability to imagine and fantasize is what allowed for the Romantic man to flourish, even the most turbulent times. In the mid-century the Romantic artists in America experienced their nation’s capital burned to the ground, the panic and depression, but instead of giving way to the pressure, they created some of the greatest literary pieces ever produced in the America’s history. Their passionate conceptions boldly challenged, enlightened and inspired Americans and Europeans alike. Romantics broke down barriers and created new social norms increasing national pride and getting people to stand up for what was right. Look beyond what is understood as perfect. The Romantic saw beauty in the unique, what stood out or caught the eye. Taking Poe’s quote from Bacon , “there is no excellent beauty,”--, “without some strangeness in the proportion,” they saw beauty and then pondered on why it was so, the findings showed that the exquisite in its differences, draws more attention towards it. In Poe’s Ligeia, Ligeia is just like any other attractive looking woman, except for her distinctive eyes , “[her] shining, [her] divine orbs”! Seeing as that the eyes are commonly referred to as the window to the soul, it does seem

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