Pearl Harbor not a surprise Essay

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Introduction – Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to attack because of the obstruction of defense and warning.

I. Signs of Japan’s intent to attack
II. Politics involvement
A. War support
B. Eight-step plan
III. Neglected warning signs near Pearl Harbor soon before the attack
A. Midget subs
B. Radar detecting

The attack on Pearl Harbor has been known to be a complete surprise. Whenever one thinks about it, they consider that it was. They may think that it was a total surprise except …show more content…

There are numerous accounts of actions by Roosevelt and his top armed forces advisors, which reveal they were not only aware of an attack by Japan, but also they were planning on it, and instigating that attack.
Roosevelt had wanted to enter the war for a long time. He believed Hitler would not declare war on the United States unless he thought they were beatable. Also, the United States’ public opinion was against going to war due to the stable and booming economy. Most of American society before the Pearl Harbor attack also believed in the idea of isolationism. Americans didn’t want to get into the European war if they didn’t have to. The only way in which Roosevelt could obtain support from the American people to enter the war was that a member of the Axis Power needed to make the first move. In other words, the Americans would need something to revenge from.
To get the Japanese to attack, Roosevelt would need to provoke Japan. Lieutenant Commander Arthur H. McCollum provided him with a detailed, eight-step procedure for making Japan to make the first overt move into war. The United States government made an arrangement with Britain for the use of British bases in the Pacific, particularly Singapore. They cooperated with Holland for the use of base facilities in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). They would give all possible aid to the Chinese government of Chiang Kai-shek. A division of long-range heavy

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