Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, can be compared in a various ways to the other characters in

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Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, can be compared in a various ways to the other characters in Homer’s poem The Odyssey. In many ways, Penelope symbolizes the ideal woman, in that she follows to the values and ideals of her society. These ideals include faithfulness, devotion, and determination; pride your home and family, and warmth to strangers. Their dedication to each other, their power to stay together through times of happiness and times of sad, and their will to survive the test of time. The bulk of the other characters in the odyssey lack one or more of these characteristics. While Odysseus shows to be a man of character and will, determination throughout the Trojan War and the trails he tolerated while at sea, Odysseus also…show more content…
She used her imagination to ward off all the suitors she tell then stories whatever it take to get to wait on her, one of the story she used was that she promise some of the suitors that when the burial of her father in law was complete she would choose one to marry and move on with her life but that was just to get them to leave her alone until she believe her husband would return. Penelope a strong woman and Clytemnestra the wife of Agamemnon’s where so much alike in that they both had to deal with living alone while they husbands where gone and had to deal with disrespect and all other time of advances toward them, but choose to remain loyal and faithful to their married, at least for a while for Klytaimnestra. They both dealt with a lot while there husband where gone especially in the form of sex, for example when Klytaimnestra started getting charmed by Aigisthos, she was strong and show strength, that was because she had company that her husband had let to keep her happy which was the musician, but when those musician was trick and send away by Aigisthos eventually she too fall under pressure to sexual advances and whatever else he was offering her at the. Klytaimnestra continue to show her disloyalty to her husband when she was planning on murdering him when he return home, for what I believe is on attempt to cover up her affair with another man. While Penelope remains
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