Pennywise The Clown Character Analysis

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“It” in its origins, is Stephen King’s 1100 page literary masterpiece that has bred Coulrophobia within many who dared to sojourn through the novel. Nevertheless, it was the novel’s subject in focus, Pennywise the Clown, embodied in full flesh by Tim Curry that amassed a sadistic following and obsession with the arrival of the 1990 TV miniseries on ABC. Curry’s portrayal of the dancing clown quickly became a hallmark image for the horror canon, if not the face of horror movies altogether. Flash forward 27 years later, the fear of clowns has burgeoned into a commonplace phobia and horror trope. With all this to say, no clown has terrorized us in our nightmares quite like Curry’s Pennywise. Well, that was the case until Bill Skarsgård came along with a darker rendition of the fiendish entity in Andrés Muschietti remake of “It.”

With Muschietti’s “IT.” audience’s worst fears are unleashed, manifested on the silver screen, then fully realized by a clown who dwells within the sewer system of a small town in Derry, Maine, where kids have disappeared at alarming rates. With all this to say, it is up to seven children known as The Losers Club, to figure out the town’s curse while confronting their own fears, home life, bullies and the evil force that feeds on fear by taking the shape of a clown known as Pennywise, the dancing clown. Nonetheless, the reboot of “IT,” receives King’s stamp of approval — a tall task considering King has notoriously decried almost every adaptation of

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