People are protected from having anybody search their home and/or take their property, which

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People are protected from having anybody search their home and/or take their property, which includes personal belongings, without any valid reason to do so. Your home can only be searched if the person who is to search your home has a warrant and oath from the government that states that they have the right to search your home and possibly, sieze your property. The United States government has violated the fourth amendment by commiting the act of creating the National Security Agency, a government-funded program. The National Security Agency collects information from billions of people across the globe. The information that they collect includes but is not limited to phone calls, e-mails, text messages, and even personal information.…show more content…
However, he searched her private property without any warrant, and, thus, has violated the fourth amendment. In Middletown, Ohio, police officers upheld the fourth amendment by searching the homes of eight people with a warrant. Police officers in Ohio searched three homes on March 19th, 2014 with a search warrant declaring that they could do so. Upon entering these homes, the police officers found evidence of a meth lab along with materials that were used to make illegal drugs. The people that were involved in this creation of meth and the meth labs were faced with charges, and two of the eight men were arrested accordingly. According to the fourth amendment, the police officers would need a warrant before searching the homes of these eight people. These police officers in Middletown, Ohio did, in fact, uphold the fourth amendment by only searching the homes with a search warrant that allows them to. The fourth amendment was clearly represented when a seizure of video game sweepstakes machines was conducted with two search warrants in Waynesville, NC. It was believed that two business establishments outside of Canton and Waynesville contained illegal video game sweepstakes machines. Police officers obtained two search warrants, which allowed them to search and seize any of the illegal video game sweepstakes machines that they find. They began searching one of the establishments at 8am on March 20th, which didn’t show any signs of it being a
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