Perfect Society in George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, however the animals take control of Manor Farm from their human overlords and rename it Animal Farm. They decree that on Animal Farm all animals are equal, and instill seven commandments to ensure that the animals stay equal. Throughout the novel Orwell shows the destruction of the egalitarian utopia that the animals have created. He suggests that the flaws of human nature are too much to overcome, and that this “perfect” and equal society is impossible. In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell demonstrates that the human tendency to manipulate and be manipulated is what prevents us from being perfect.
The pigs rise to power because of their manipulation of language. Old Major gives a riveting speech about a dream he wishes to pass on to the other animals. This dream inspires the animals towards revolution and gives them hope that they can overcome the oppression that they have been facing for their entire lives. Since Old Major inspires the revolution, it is not surprising that after his death, his fellow pigs take a leading role during the formative years of Animal Farm. They help to create the seven commandments as well as the core principal of Animalism. To embody the essential beliefs of Animalism, Snowball the pig creates the slogan, “‘four legs good, two legs bad’” (34). This slogan causes uproar among the birds, because…
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