Performance Enhancements In Sports Research Paper

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Forms of performance enhancement have been filling the world of athletics since the beginning of time. Humans, driven by their natural competitive instinct, have always craved the thrill of winning. Morals become questioned, abilities become enhanced, records begin to be set and all athletes want is more. Many believe that the severity of performance enhancing drugs in the world of athletics is a fairly new concept. What they don’t realize is that even as far back as 100 AD the Roman Gladiators were finding different stimulants and hallucinogens to prevent fatigue and injury. In fact, performance enhancements are not limited to just the human athletes in competition either. During the times of the incredible gladiators, they would feed trusted steeds a substance called hydromel; an alcoholic beverage made from honey that would make them run even faster than before. There’s never been a time that gaining that extra edge hasn’t been on the mind of our beloved competitors.
It’s no secret, people love a good show. For thousands of years’ people from near and far would gather to watch incredible athletes exhibit their super human abilities. But why, as spectators, do we find such entertainment in watching muscle ridden hulks of men throw around extreme amounts of weight? Or why do we enjoy watching …show more content…

Why do men and women set aside the knowledge of potential physical damage, public humiliation and legal consequences all for that extra edge? Well, of course, the first thing that comes to mind, also being the item that makes the world go around is: Money. Money leads too worth and worth leads to fame. And what more does and an athlete want than to be famous? Many believe that the easiest way to fulfil the life-long dream that so many of us possess to become a super hero is to become a professional athlete; kids will idolize you until the day you die. Or maybe in this case the day your USADA administered drug test turns up positive and you’re found out to be a

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