Perils Of Teen Drivers

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Perils of the Road Teenage drivers are known for their recklessness behind the wheel. Whether it is drivers who play on their phones or become distracted by friends, thousands die at the hands of these distracted drivers every year. For instance, drivers ages 16-19 were involved in 963,000 crashes in 2013 resulting in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths (Distractions and Teen Crashes: Even Worse than We Thought). Distractions such as cell phones and rowdy passengers cost many people thousands of dollars and even cost some their lives. Teenage drivers are among the largest group of distracted drivers, allowing many distractions to take their eyes and minds from the road. Teenagers allow distractions to negatively affect their driving. Teenage drivers take their eyes off the road for many reasons. The main culprit behind most distracted driving is cell phones. Using their cell phones, teenagers may take their eyes off the road to choose what music plays over the radio; a choice that may cost them their lives. In order to choose a song, drivers may take their eyes off the road for up to ten seconds at a time before they glance back up. Choosing a song requires the driver to scroll through his or her music, reading title after title, which can take one’s attention for an extended period of time. The danger in such recklessness is monumental. Another instance that may take a teen’s attention is texting. It takes the average teen at least five seconds to read a text message. By

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