Period Piece

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“Period Piece” by Joyce Cary

«Period Piece» written by an Anglo-Irish writer Joyce Cary is a humorous short story. It is basically about a respectable middle-aged man, Frank Tutin, who has fallen in love with his young secretary Phyllis. As a result Tutin wanted to divorce his wife Clare, but his mother-in-law Mrs. Beer protested against it and she came to London to save her daughter’s family.

Old Mrs. Beer was the widow of a canon. She was a short, stout woman with a red face and a heavy jaw – a pugnacious and indomitable face. At the beginning of the story we learn that there is something defeated about her. No one seems to listen to her, she has given up hope of any serious attention from anybody. But at the end
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She thought that if a person had a happy family, he shouldn’t exchange it for a one-minute passion. But Tutin didn’t agree with her. He considered her beliefs to be old-fashioned and didn’t take them seriously.
But sometimes old-fashioned beliefs become useful even in modern life. And this is the main idea of this very story.
But Frank was sure that it was he who managed to save his family: «How wise he had been to make all those subtle adjustments in his relation with Clare, necessary to render possible their continued life together». He still didn’t take Mrs Beer and her beliefs seriously. He just couldn’t understand that, of course, rules and beliefs are change, but problems are always the same. It’s clear that the so-called “old-fashioned” beliefs are useful even in modern life.

An analysis of the text “Period Piece” by Joyce Cary
Many people would agree that everything changes. Every day brings something new. New buildings are built, new technologies are introduced, and, of course, new people are born. But, as we know, nothing is eternal. People grow old, and little by little they are replaced by people of a new generation. It goes without saying that every generation has its own rules and beliefs. And that’s why people of a new generation are sure that they can’t be understood by people of the previous generation, because young people consider their parents’ beliefs to be old-fashioned and don’t take their advice seriously. They are sure that
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