Persephone 's Myth Is An Outstanding Way Of Explaining This

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know how, and why the seasons change? What about knowing when is the best time to plant, why can’t seeds grow in the winter months? Persephone’s myth is an outstanding way of explaining this . The Greeks lived because of this myth that they followed. We can’t plant in winter, but we can in the sun time. This is all because of Demeter and the loss of her daughter.

Proserpina is the goddess of the spring and Queen of the underworld. Her father Zeus is the king of gods and the god of the sky. Proserpina 's mother is Demeter the goddess, corn, grain, and the harvest, she was believed to be the reason the crops grow. Proserpina goes by more than one name. She also goes by Persephone and Kore. Proserpina was playing in the field one day and was kidnapped by the ruler of the underworld, Hades. It was by Eros‘s arrow for the cause of it.
After Zeus and his brothers defeated the titans, giants emerged as the new enemy. The giants were buried under the Mountain Etna. When trying to escape the giants would shake the whole earth and use their fiery breath shooting lava out of the mountain making volcanoes. Because of this Hades “feared that his kingdom would laid open to the light of day” (Bulfinch 's Mythology, pg 5, para 2). So Hades came to earth’s surface to see the amount of damage done. When Aphrodite was playing with her son Eros, she saw Hades and got her son Eros to shoot Hades. “The boy unbound his quiver, and selected his sharpest and truest arrow;…
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