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Chris Messerich
Mr. Gallagher
Person Reflection Essay
There are many reasons as to my enrollment into this advanced class, and these include my realization of political involvement being a fluid concept, constantly wanting to challenge myself, and recognizing that I need the necessary skills that advanced courses promote to succeed later in my life.
When I was younger, I recall being continually told that it was my civic responsibility to become an involved citizen and participate in the political system of our country. However, this idea of being involved seemed so distant that I began to believe that my involvement in the political system was futile. Therefore, I became accustomed to the belief that one person’s vote cannot change a broken system, so my vote could not possibly be a part of the
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“Silicon Valley Heavyweights Make Last-Minute Push for Obama’s Trade Deal.” The Washington Post, 6/10/15.

Background Information:
The Basics: A number of chief executives in the Silicon Valley are making a last-minute effort on Congress to allow President Obama to expand authority on trade, which would protect tech companies and their workers.
Go Deeper: Last Thursday, many letters flooded the White House pleading for the passing of an important bill regarding free internet trade. Head executives are pushing for the passing of a bill which would reduce tariffs, safeguard the free flow of data, strengthen patents, and extend copyrights. Supporters believe that the bill is necessary to protect the United States from the troubles that accompany a growing economic presence on the internet. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) is a sweeping Pacific Rim free trade and regulatory accord Obama is pushing for, over many objections from his own party. These executives and other lobbyists are pushing for this bill, after the Senate has already approved of it. It will be decided by Friday at the latest.
Beliefs Related to the Political
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