Personal Experience with Gangs and FedEx in County Downs, Alabama

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I lived in a huge neighborhood in Montgomery Alabama called County Downs, in a large brick two-story house with a patch of fresh green grass in the front yard where two trees strongly stood. My dog was kept in the backyard surrounded by a metal fence with a metal gate. When the gate opened, the bolts made an obnoxious loud squeak, which could be heard from all the way upstairs inside of the house. The neighborhood was located right next to some unpleasant, dark, and crime filled apartments. Those apartments were most likely where the local gangs hid because restaurants and stores located right next to the apartments such as Hardees and Dollar General often gave reports of break-ins and theft. The gangs tended to target families mostly in the month of December because, of course, Christmas is in that month, and Christmas means presents, spending a lot of money, and most importantly vacation. A perfect time for criminals to strike. The gangs would often try to break in someone’s house at least four to six times a week during the month of December. The neighborhood watch program would send at least one, if not more emails everyday, notifying my family about recent crime in the area. Most of the crimes were theft. As a young teenager I often struggled with the questions of, why do people steal? Is it worth the risk of being caught? I would watch stories on the news of criminals being caught and sentenced to several years in prison, or criminals robbing homes and managing to

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