Personal Goals In My Life

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he decisions I make today are crucial in the construct of my future. In this manner, I have reflected upon the elements that could differentiate my live apart from others. And, essentially, I have realized that it is not only the distinctive life experiences and unique characteristics that distinguish the course of my actions but also the motivation I find for living my life. It was then imperative to ask myself the simple, yet complex question “why?”, because its answer was the core drive behind my thoughts, decisions, and ultimately, my actions. In the process of defining who I am and the purpose there is for my life, I have concluded that the place where my values, interests, and the society’s need of service intersect, is the place where I’m meant to be. This intersection in my life, as I have discerned, is medicine.
My personal core values are the first factors that have played a vital role in my motivation for pursuing a career in medicine. My parents and siblings, which are my foundation, have raised me to be an integral individual defined by strong morals, beliefs, and most important, faith in an almighty creator. Growing up in Colombia, my character was greatly shaped by the surrounding, nurturing influences. In fact, inspired by the Jesuit mission of “Ser más para servir mejor “, or “improving the self to help others better”, I attained a profound understanding about the meaning and importance of service. The core values instilled by my family and educators

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