Personal Growth And Preparation For Future Goals

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Kids these days are involved in numerous sports. Therefore, lots of time is spent practicing. A number of people believe children are too focused on sports and not focused enough on anything else. Young athletes are pushing themselves to become superior everyday; they are spending a large amount of time on the court, the field, or the track. Every year, there are younger children getting involved with sports. Certain people find that it is too much for such young kids. Therefore the criticism towards intensely focused athletes can be overcome by understanding its benefits for personal growth and preparation for future goals. The problem multiple children are facing today is the criticism from adults because they choose to be involved in multiple sports. They make sure that they are spending enough time practicing so they can be perfect. When they practice too much is when people begin to talk. Others believe that these children are spending too much time practicing sports and not enough time focusing on other subjects in their life. They only see them when they are at practice or tournaments, what they don’t witness is when they are at home doing their homework. They believe their life revolves around sports, when it doesn’t. Adults need to stop criticizing young athletes for doing what they desire and need to learn the benefits that they are gaining from the experiences they are receiving. There are parents out there that believe kids are spending too much time
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