Personal Legacy Of My Life

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At the age of 18, I am writing this letter to you to share the personal legacy of my life. My intention is to let you know my thoughts and feelings about the life I have lived, to honor the relationships that have enriched my life, and to express my gratitude for those who helped me with school.Being in high school has caused me to learn many things some of which were personal habits that made me struggle and by telling you this it is in my best hopes that I hope you can learn from me to help you get through these 4 years

I have learned many things in the last four years one of the many things is if you think about school but when you are occupied with work and that is on your mind all day everyday it just makes things seem longer. What I have learned from this is to take each day one step at a time and focus on each task daily as you progress towards your goal which is the diploma doing this will make things seem a lot faster. When it comes to work I would just procrastinate until the point where my work was due when I look back on this my thoughts are “ Why did i do this?” and this would make school easier for me and less stressful than it can be. Now something else that was a eye opener for me was personal experiences in school was to speak up if you want help on something being quiet and sitting around does not make the trouble you already have any better.

Throughout my school life I have developed many troublesome habits that were either hard to break or just

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