Personal Narration : A Short Story : Moving To Canada

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“But honey, we have to. I know you don’t want to leave your friends, but your father has a great job oppurtunity up there.” said my mom while we were packing up all of our belongings for our move to Saskatchewan, Canada. “You don’t understand! We had something special here and now we’re leaving it! Just for a higher pay!?” I yelled back at my mom and stormed to my room and slammed the door. I’m Stephanie Vedral. I recently just turned 14 (in August), and I’m short for my age and have dirty blonde hair and dark hazel eyes. I also have a little brother (10 years old and immature) named John. Cincinnati, Ohio was our home, where we were born and raised, made friends, and made memories to last forever. And now we are leaving this place. For money. But why? Is money now more important than memories and feelings? Than family? Did it really go this far? Well, it seems like it isthat is true. As I said earlier, now my family and I are moving to Canada and going to live in a small cabin with the revolting woods as a backyard. After the move (one month later).... “I miss you so much, I’m still mad at my parents for dragging me here. I miss Cincinatti too.” “I really didn’t want you to leave Steph, we’ve been friends since first grade and practically have the same lives. I promise I’ll come and visit, but you have to promise me too.” said my best friend Jessica over on her side of the screen. “Of course.” There was a silence between us for a while, just leaving me listening to the
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